Old capital of Poland – Krakow, what should you do here?

Old capital of Poland – Krakow, what should you do here?

Coming to Krakow may be a very pleasant surprise for everyone that did not hear about this old city of Poland. Located in the southern part, close to the mountains, it has been one of the most important place for this country.

In that regard, you can try to do a lot of things in Krakow at night and by day. First of all you will find many different food, ranging from snacks like typical buns to whole cuisine, which is an unique merge of Austrian and Polish dishes. You can taste Polish alcohol here, which is very cheap and tasty. You can go for a vodka quick shots or look for locally crafted beers.

Grabbing some beer will definitely be useful as you can find many interesting things to do. Main market is filled with seasonal events for everyone to enjoy, especially on weekends or major holidays. In the close area, there is also a plethora of thematic places. Bad Axe https://madaxe.pl/what-to-see-and-do-in-krakow/ serves as a great example. This place, filled with throwing ranges is a great opportunity to check out, who is the best at this sport that Vikings were practicing back in the day. On top of that you can dress as ones.

During night at Krakow, additionally to quite popular pub crawling, you can visit many gaming locales. There, you can enjoy your evening in a more calm manner, playing board games, perhaps resting from throwing axes. One is quite certain – Krakow is a city like no other on map of Europe and Poland. You should have great time finding its secrets hidden within century-old buildings on main market and Kazimierz.

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