A bad-axe day in Krakow!

A bad-axe day in Krakow!

Old capital of Poland is surely one of the best places to be for a stag do. Consider yourself lucky, because as you read it, you probably are. Krakow is just a beautiful place. Filled with centuries-old architecture, traditional cuisine with many cafes and restaurants to visit.

So, what should one do for a stag night in Krakow? Is it best to just let it go in the countless clubs, hidden within those old walls or try your luck pub crawling from place to place, trying different kinds of vodka and some crafted beer? While all of it stands for great ideas, you should definitely try to enhance it with an equally nice start before the night itself.

One of such ideas is a throwing axe club, in a Bad Axe club https://madaxe.pl/stag-party/, located near old town. It involves some of the most exciting activities you can bring to a stag night. This is a great beginning of an evening, which will fill it with memories for conversations and will make people hungry for more, instead of giving in before midnight.

Such visit will be a great way to break the ice with your friends and making your way for a successful stag do in Krakow. It is one of the most exciting and satisfying things to do in the city, for a men’s evening. It is also a dream come true, for anyone who used to play in childhood as an Viking warrior, climbing roof of an imaginary ships and throwing axes at your enemies. After such afternoon, it is guaranteed that no one will be looking for a way to a hotel. Everyone will be up and running for further drinking and dancing.

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